Why stop me now, just when I'm hating it?

Split Testing Shoes?

04 March 2012

Not so much A-B testing as L-R testing.

All Change Again

13 February 2012

So, yes, I’ve got off my arse and done something with my site!

Pointless Announcement

06 July 2011

Bing! Bong!

Russell and Steven

17 January 2011

Back in July 2008 I wrote a post for a Doctor Who blog, which has since been lost in the time vortex.
It is reproduced here with the addition of Wikipedia links and the original “deliberate” mistake, which is corrected after…

Why Queue for Haiku?

30 March 2010

So, today I’ve had a bit of fun while m’colleague was adding some polish to his code.  He needed some error messages and I got all Haiku on his arse.

Pluggable Ethics

08 January 2010

Flamer disclaimer: I have no right to take a moral high ground, I’m just expressing something of my own sense of morality.  So on with the post…

At the AOP Awards

02 October 2008

Applauding the winning team - us!

Good News

16 February 2008

It’s always pleasant when you see your work being highlighted by the CEO of your company:

Here comes the flood...

20 July 2007

Well sort of.

Having a Jon Pertwee moment

09 May 2007

So this is distinctly not pleasant.